Thursday, April 26, 2012

Photo Heart Connection for April - Look Ma, I can swim too !!!

On April 21, I took my first nature walk with out assistance from another human or my cane in over 3 years... We had a cool front blow in and it felt wonderful and I felt adventuresome as well.  I Loaded up Camera, cell phone and tripod... and ventured down this path. It has been beckoning me to come down it.   
One of Rockports Natural Gardens

My heart was beating, and antipating what I might see just past the bamboo and honeysuckle. I walked thinking if it is all just like this that would be cool too. So I proceeded to a clearing and looked to My left and to my wonderful suprise, I had one of those ah hah moments.  Only in magizines had I seen pictures of mama duck and ducklings swimming. I couldn't get my camera on fast enough and remembered thinking maybe just maybe the phone camera my get it. Of course the sun was so bright that I couldn't tell if the picture came out our not, but praying the whole time that it would.
Mama Duck and her ducklings April 21,2012
I found a bench to sit on and tried to get the settings set on the camera so that I could catch all of this magnificance I was being able to witness. I remembered to take deep breaths and then pinching myself... Is this not incredible?
Crystial Clear Pond Mama duck are headed to the other
side where there is more distance from me and them.

As just stared into this pond I wondered what critters might be in there? Nothing Stirred, jumped or even rippled in it. I remember thinking I wonder if my mind could ever get this still?  So watched the Mama and her ducklings swim around the island and then on to the birds overhead trying to catch and thermal drafts that might be around. It seemed like everything around me was happy that it was such a beautiful day. 

Another pond framed with green

The path continued towards the right  and  I wondered where the path may lead me next, ah another little pond, I wanted to yell I was so happy but didn't want to scare of the birds.. so I composed myself and continued to walk towards it. 
Pine trees are not in abundance here in south Texas

For Kat's PHC(Photo-Heart Connection) project I know we are to pick one picture that pulled on the heart and it would have to be Mama and her ducklings.
 I think I knew how these little ducklings were feeling that day...  Me saying Look I am doing it all by my self, and the ducklings thinking , Look I can swim.
However I also wanted to share these other pics with you so you could better understand my amazement with this park...To go by this park for years and have no idea such beauty was litterly in our own back yard truely blows me away. 

Wild Honey Suckle, now this brings back wonderful memories too


  1. Hi Rosemary! It is a wonderful feeling to find a such a beautiful place right in your own backyard, so to speak. I can feel your delight in the pictures and words you posted. I hope you are able to go back again and again and that each time you find the joy you found on this visit.

  2. Amazing pictures of a beautiful park. Love the mummy duck and her babies, how amazing to see that. I love your first image too, it really drew my eye in.

  3. Beautiful pictures and congratulations on enjoying those independent moments. I wish you many more!!

  4. I love the bridge you walked across and to feel your joy and amazement of that mother duck and her ducklings. Isn't nature full of wonder and healing for the body and spirit?
    I like the bamboo climbing up the side of this page. I feel as if I'm crossing the bridge myself!
    I just had difficulty reading your black writing on the dark blue background.
    May you enjoy many more walks like this without assistance. It must have been a thrilling experience for you!

  5. Hi Rosemary,
    I can feel your exhilaration - so happy for you! This walk and all the beauty that you experienced is only the beginning. I think the bright light at the curve in the path certainly signals the wonders ahead.
    Love those babies and their mom. What a great treat to stumble upon:)
    Happy weekend to you!

  6. How lovely. What a wonderful story of firsts, and how thrilled you must have been to walk across the park bridge and find a magic world of nature just waiting for you.

  7. This must have been such a special day for you!! You captured some beautiful photos that show your happiness for being in such a beautiful place! I love the baby ducks, how cute! Great images, great words!!

  8. Oh, Rosemary, what a special story to share in the Photo-Heart Connection! I can hear the nervousness and the excitement to be "on your own" again. I'm so glad to see you back! Thank you for joining in the Photo-Heart Connection. I apologize for my delay in coming to visit. I hope you will join in again for May, only a week away!